Book Corner Volunteers Honored at Luncheon

The NFBCL Board hosted a luncheon for Book Corner volunteers on Monday, June 2, 2014, at Beaverton City Library. Board President Margaret Kelleher welcomed the group and thanked volunteers for work that has expanded in recent years. 

“Not so long ago,” she recalled, “it would take us about an hour to sort the three or four bags of donated books.” Today, as more people in the community learn about the bookstore, several boxes of donated books come in almost daily. Besides space constraints, the job of sorting has become more complicated as books are routed to display shelves in The Book Corner, to the online sales inventory (the Amazon stock is shelved upstairs) or to the annual book sale storage or other nonprofit organizations.

“It’s a huge increase,” she said, adding that volunteers are meeting the challenge with additional training and equipment such as scanners. The increased sales capacity, she noted, enables New Friends of Beaverton City Library to meet its primary goal, to raise funds for the community’s two libraries.

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