Book Review: Bebop Garden by Ricki Grady

Bebop Garden book

Book Review by: Pat Lewis

Ricki Grady, author of Bebop Garden, will be our featured speaker at our Annual Meeting on October 6, 2012. More details >

This book presents a breezy journey through Portland ’s gardening highlights. The author began keeping journals in 1993 and has evolved her personal style with the assistance of many local organizations and businesses, ie, Hardy Plant Society of Oregon, fabulous nurseries, free gardening classes presented locally, sharing plants with friends and neighbors, and immersing herself and family in the pursuit of yet another project. The Portland area abounds with garden ‘junkies’ and their creativity extends to some very interesting original ‘garden art’ from reclaimed materials.

This was an enjoyable read, sitting in my garden on a sunny June afternoon, surrounded by bountiful plants and the sounds of honey bees and bird calls. Readers looking for specific information will find details on composting and worm bins, irrigation options, raised beds for flowers and produce, trial and error with donations from friends, the terrors of proper pronunciation, decorating outdoor spaces, and the need to plant in the right location. Ricki isn’t afraid to admit making mistakes along the way but that’s part of the reward.

Look around your own space and think about what you’ve changed over the years…the areas you’ve dug up and reconfigured. It’s a trip we’ve all taken in hopes of finding an ideal solution for our yards and patios that will enhance the neighborhood and our own feeling of accomplishment.

“BEBOP GARDEN, riffing and jiving in the plant kingdom,” will add impetus to your journey.

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