The Book Corner Purchases New Storage Shed


storage shed for booksNFBCL is very fortunate to have our own building for our book store. A lovely little house on the corner of SW 5th and Washington Streets, less than a block from the main Beaverton library, across the street from the Farmers’ Market park. However, our storage space is extremely limited – the house is charming, but alas, small.

For more than a year, donations from the community and from the library have increased almost exponentially to the point that we had to rent off-site storage space. A rather significant increase in the rent was more than our budget could handle and created situation of diminishing returns. The only logical alternative was to purchase a storage shed. After some research and comparison shopping, we found that a Rubbermaid Roughneck X-Large 7’x7’x7′ would fit our needs and be paid off in less than 5 months for the money spent in rental of the off-site storage unit. The shed is an attractively designed unit complete with a peaked roof, double doors, and skylights. After obtaining approval from the City, 2 of our stalwart construction-savvy volunteers assembled the shed in less than a day. Having a separate storage space on-site eliminates the time, energy and gas it took to store and retrieve items off-premises.

It is a comforting relief, when the donations come in, to no longer worry about where we’re going to put them.

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